Accessing the Programme

The Growth Programme Facilitation Service is available to support prospective applicants as they seek to respond to calls at ESIF Outline and/or Full Application stages.

The service is provided by Ccornwall Development Company, on behalf of the ESIF Programme, and covers both the ERDF and ESF funding streams.

The CDC Programme Facilitation Team offers a single point of contact for applicants, co-ordinating both general programme and specialist technical support in order to address barriers to accessing the Programme.

The service is available to organisations across all sectors and locations and aims to ensure that applicants;

• Are aware of key aspects of the application process and are able to develop high quality applications that meet Programme and Call requirements.

• Understand and appreciate the importance of meeting EU Growth Programme requirements in areas such as procurement, financial and document management, publicity & branding, State Aid and compliance.

• Are able to promote and integrate the Programme’s Cross Cutting Themes (also known as ‘Horizontal Principles’) within their projects.

• Understand the risks and processes associated with taking forward EU funded projects.

The CDC Programme Facilitation Team are generally able to offer support to suit the needs of individual applicants, whether through face to face meetings, telephone conversations or via email. All engagements are treated in confidence, and can include;

• Providing guidance/support to applicants at different stages of the application process, including offering guidance on the early stage ‘design’ of projects.

• Helping to resolve Call/Programme related queries on behalf of applicants.

• Informally commenting on aspects of draft applications where applicants feel they need Programme or application-related guidance/support.

• Suggesting areas where applications could potentially be strengthened and/or helping to flag areas that may benefit from clarification or additional expansion/explanation.

The CDC Team do not draft application forms (or parts of them) for individual applicants. The Team is also unable to provide applicants with formal advice and/or give a view as to whether applications are likely to be supported by the Managing Authorities or ITI Board.

The team

Gareth Beer. Head of Programme Facilitation

Matthew Vowels, Capital & Project Funding Specialist

Sue Patton, Sustainability and Cross Cutting Themes Advisor

Nich Thomas, Programme Access Lead

Estelle Coleman, Project Administrator

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