£1.8m European Funding for Smart Specialisation Projects

Call title –A Skills for Growth: Smart Specialisation (OC05S18P1253)

Closing date – 13 March 2019

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Up to £1.8m is now available through the European Social Fund (ESF) to run projects that increase skills in the Smart Specialisation areas in the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (C&IoS).

This Call seeks applications that will deliver an employer led approach to develop, trial and deliver the skills requirements of C&IoS businesses involved in the Smart Specialisation sectors ie agri-tech, digital economy, e-health and e-wellbeing, marine technology, space and aerospace.

The focus of any proposed project must relate to ‘business needs’ that are ‘employer identified’ with the beneficiary businesses being those involved in the projects and in line with the C&IoS LEP Smart Specialisation Skills Framework (Feb 2016)

There are a number of complementary ESF and ERDF Calls and projects either currently operating or about to begin. These can be found on  the C&IoS Growth Programme website.  Applicants should ensure their offer aligns with and adds value to these existing contracts but does not duplicate or overlap with them.

Consideration should be given to:

– supporting collaborative projects, placements, or other activities with relevant SMEs that enable employees to gain industry relevant experience, and

– skills building capacity in SMEs to provide project/placement/internship opportunities and enhance the contribution of advanced skills to SME growth.

Any applicant should address how they would be responsive to changing business needs over the course of any project.

For more information, download the call specification.

Applicant support

Potential applicants can make use of the Access to the Programme Team who offer free specialist support for applicants and can be contacted on  accesstotheprogramme@cornwalldevelopmentcompany.co.uk

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