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Aiming to:
Improve the labour market relevance of education and training systems,
Facilitate the transition from education to work,
Strengthen vocational education and training systems and their quality

mechanisms for skills anticipation
adaptation of curricula
establishment and development of work based learning systems

including dual learning systems
apprenticeship schemes.


Community Led Local Development – delivery (ESF)

Who Dares Works

Food for Change

Working Together – Atlantic and Moor

Family Learning – Routes to improved health and well-being

Cultivator Skills

SMART Tenants

Living Well To Work

Widening Participation Through Skills

Skills Support for the Workforce in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly – Business Sector Led & Individual Led

Community Led Local Development – preparatory stage

Active Calls

ERDF Call For Proposals: Deadline 10th September, 2018

Call for Projects to Support Potential Entrepreneurs

Call Title – Support for Potential Entrepreneurs – Coast to Coast and West Cornwall

Closing Date – 10 September 2018

Download the full funding specification – call specification

Up to £923,250 is now available through Community Led Local Development to run projects in the Coast to Coast and West Cornwall Local Action Group areas that will support potential entrepreneurs.

The funding is available through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) for projects that could run up to June 2022.

Projects must benefit individuals in the target areas within the Local Action Group areas and support enterprise development at the community level.

Proposed activities include:

  • Enterprise coaching activity;
  • Nurturing new businesses through start-up support;
  • Business skills generator;
  • More targeted local interventions to engage with those that would not normally access this type of support;
  • Development of an ‘information hub’ for local employability / skills provision and available training and job opportunities;
  • Projects that use innovative ways of engaging residents not normally targeted for support;
  • Activities that raise aspirations and tackle under-employment in the target area;
  • Activities that promote mentoring, volunteering, progression support and transition support;
  • Re-engaging disadvantaged communities and connecting them with economic opportunities;
  • Expanding horizons through enterprise awareness, education and communications;
  • Promoting role models and enterprise champions;
  • Showcasing of local businesses;
  • Capacity building to enable existing community workers (and youth workers) to be ‘enterprise ambassadors’;
  • Linking businesses to communities through mentoring, leadership exchange;
  • Supporting those in employment who may wish to become self-employed;
  • A supported enterprise model or new social enterprise providing ‘back office’ support;
  • Guidance and advice in accessing financial support;
  • Ideas generation;
  • Support to assist the development and establishment of alternative service delivery models and mutuals.

For full details of the call, please download the call specification.

Closing date – noon, 10th September 2018

Applicant Support

Our Programme Facilitators can support prospective applicants in responding to calls at Expression of Interest and/or Full Application stages.  Contact them on 01209 615067 or


ESF Call For Proposals: Deadline 5th November, 2018

£2m European Funding Call: Helping People in Work Poverty

Call title – Helping People in Work Poverty

Closing Date – 5 November 2018

Download the full funding specification – call specification

A new call from the European Social Fund makes up to £2m available for projects that will address in-work poverty in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  Many jobs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are seasonal, low paid or on zero hours or short-term contracts.  Underemployment is also an issue in the current economy.  Therefore, this call invites projects that will help people develop their skills so they can can progress in, or move into, more secure employment.

The funding forms part of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Programme, building on Convergence funding to deliver economic regeneration for the region from 2014-2020.

This call seeks applications which will:

  • deliver a range of engagement, support, skills and qualifications that will enable individuals to progress in, or into, sustainable and economically viable work.
  • if relevant, support employers to identify and measure the benefits that will contribute towards business growth and sustainability, including future investment in skills development for their workforce.
  • create flexible learning paths which meet the needs of the individuals whilst also contributing to the strategic growth of the organisations they work for, if relevant.
  • show evidence of progression for participants, for example, additional responsibility after completing the course, higher salaries, or promotion etc.

For full details of the call, please download the call specification.

Projects developed through this call will contribute to the European Social Fund’s priorities which are to increase labour market participation, promote social inclusion and develop the skills of the potential and existing workforce.

Applicant Support

To support applicants, the Access to the Programme Team, funded by technical assistance, offer free specialist support for applicants and can be contacted on or 01872 323248.

Details of how this team can help can be found here.

Further information about the European Social Fund.



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