Acceleration Through Innovation

Acceleration Through Innovation

Applicant – University of Plymouth


Acceleration Through Innovation (ATI) is a three year £3 million ERDF project which aims to support business innovation across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. Led by the University of Plymouth in partnership with Cornwall Innovation, the project drives a culture of innovation, supporting businesses who are looking to adopt innovative processes or who have aspirations to bring a new product or service to the market.

ATI differentiates itself from the market by offering innovation expertise led by recognised specialists and certified innovation professionals. Working with small and medium size organisations, the programme provides employer and employee led innovation which inspires new ways of thinking whilst adding value to a business.

Whether it’s a new product, process, service or business model, ATI supports innovation in its broadest sense and provides an opportunity for businesses to implement innovative ways of working and trial new markets and ideas.

Through the programme, we offer a range of engagement activities which are delivered at our existing locations, within a business premises or from one of our strategically placed pop-up centres across Cornwall.

Within ATI there are three core steps which range from light-touch activity aimed to encourage and inspire, through to the identification of a new project which may lead on to the application of an innovation grant. The number of levels completed is very much dependent on the business, its needs and the innovation project they have in mind.


Culture Change

Within Culture change, we offer a range of engagement activity which encourages networking, knowledge exchange and peer to peer support.

The Innovation Clubs are a chance to hear the innovation journey of other businesses. Held in the morning or early evening across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, the Innovation Clubs provide an opportunity to share knowledge and expand local networks.

​The Innovation Workshops are 2-3 hour high-value sessions which are designed around the latest thinking and the identified needs that will emerge ​through our conversations with businesses across the County.

The Innovation Acceleration Day provide an opportunity for businesses to get involved in an Innovation workshop and meet with multiple industry experts in a 1:1 speed consultancy rotation that will allow businesses to grow and develop.


Innovation Acceleration

Innovation Diagnostic – Businesses enrolled on the ATI programme will receive the support of a dedicated Innovation Advisor who will led them through a specialist tool to gauge where the organization is in regards to its innovation processes, and its appetite for innovation going forward. This step is an essential element of the programme and provides clarity on the innovation readiness of a business.

Innovation Advice & Consultancy – following the diagnostic, businesses will receive a minimum of 12 hours specialist support via our Innovation Business Advisors; certified Innovation practitioners, who will offer clarity on the innovation process and provide

Advice and consultancy throughout a company’s innovation journey.

For those who wish to develop RD&I within their business, or encourage a culture of innovation and creativity, the programme provides two opportunities to participate in Innovation Master Classes

The first is focused on Employer Innovation and looks to develop in-company Innovation Champions within a business. Delivered in the form of a 1 day Employer Master Class, this exclusive workshop is delivered by the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge exchange.

The second is focused on Employee Innovation and is a bespoke offering to selected businesses who wish to encourage a culture of Innovation​ within their organization. Delivered in-house by the ATI team, the masterclass looks to develop Team X to drive the business forward.

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Investment & Outcomes


  • ERDF – £2,521,168
  • Cornwall Council – £65,000
  • University of Plymouth – £65,302
  • SME contributions – £500,000

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