Community Led Local Development – delivery (ESF)


Community Led Local Development is a programme of community-led activity for the most deprived parts of Cornwall.  It aims to deliver lasting economic benefits to communities.

The key issues and how they will be addressed are set out in four local strategies: Atlantic & Moor, Coast to Coast, South & East Cornwall and West Cornwall.

Funding will tackle issues such as social exclusion, lack of jobs and low levels of employment.  This may be done by helping firms to start-up or grow, creating jobs or providing training.  The project could also help bring buildings back into economic use, find transport to work solutions and support community wellbeing.

CLLD is funded by both the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  The related ERDF delivery project can be found here:

Community Led Local Development – delivery (ERDF)


To find out more, visit the CLLD website.

Investment & Outcomes


  • ESF – £5,890,000
  • Public Sector – £1,472,500

Project Outcomes