E-Health Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall (EPIC)

digital health

Applicant – University of Plymouth

Priority Axis – Promoting Research and Innovation

Digital health (e-health & e-wellbeing) is classified as an emerging sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  It is recognised as one with considerable potential for growth. Therefore, this project will adopt an innovative customer led approach to drive the acceptance and development of digital health. Through interdisciplinary strengths, University of Plymouth and partners, working with enterprise, health professionals and consumers, will develop a sustainable and growing digital health market. The overall aim is to instigate a cultural change.  Consequently this will create a lucrative, professional, innovative growing digital health sector with new high-value jobs, products and services.

EPIC Project Showcase

Investment & Outcomes


  • ERDF – £2,730,513
  • Univeristy of Plymouth – £237,628
  • Creative England – £300,000
  • Academic Health & Science Network – £25,000
  • SME Contributions – £120,000

Project Outcomes