Green Infrastructure for Growth

Green Infrastructure for Growth

Green Infrastructure for Growth will improve the conservation status of at least 35 hectares of habitat in urban areas across Cornwall.  This will increase local natural capital; enhance environments for the community and visitors and contribute to the health and wellbeing of deprived communities.  It will unlock business opportunities through improved quality environments and help local communities to increase use and access to local greenspaces.

The design phase of the project will take advice from bodies such as Disability Cornwall, Age Concern and local community groups, ensuring socially inclusive access for all. These will be coupled with measures to increase community awareness of improved greenspaces and improve links between green infrastructure assets and community hubs such as key housing estates, retail areas and schools.

The benefits of the project promise to be far reaching.  By creating wild flower meadows there will be more natural habitat for bees, trees, bugs and hedgehogs.  This will make town green spaces provide pollinator habitat, shade, valuable flood protection and pollution control as well as make them more attractive and interesting places to relax and spend time.  These spaces will also create opportunities for lifelong learning and increase opportunities for volunteering and Citizen Science initiatives.  It is intended that these space will also unlock business opportunities, such as cafes or exercise classes.

University of Exeter will provide expert guidance to the project, using the sites to gather data and providing management plans for their upkeep.


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Investment & Outcomes


  • ERDF – £2,802,109
  • Cornwall Council – £668,096
  • University of Exeter – £32,428

Project Outcomes

Treskerby Playing Fields, Redruth

Project Lead Melissa Ralph giving a tour.

Treskerby Playing Fields, Redruth

One of the hand made benches.

Treskerby Playing Fields, Redruth

Working on the insect hotel.

Treskerby Playing Fields, Redruth

Insect hotel.

Treskerby Playing Fields, Redruth

This aerial view shows the new planting, meadows, benches, picnic table and accessible path created by the Green Infrastructure for Growth project.

Trenoweth Estate open space, Redruth

A new path and seating area have been installed here and the land on the left has been sown with wildflower seed to create a large meadow.

Trenoweth Estate open space

A stunning meadow at Trenoweth Estate open space, August 2018

Near Knights Way, Redruth

The new path and benches near Knights Way, with planting areas being prepared.

Near Knights Way, Redruth

More areas being prepared for planting.

Bay View Terrace open space, Hayle

This space has been enhanced by adding new benches and paths, creating meadows and planting at the edges of the field.