Transform 2

Access to Finance is part of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Programme

Transform2 will support start-ups and established SMEs, with significant growth potential, through intensive one-to-one business coaching to develop and implement a high growth plan including a focus on gains in productivity. In addition, it will also provide productivity support to steady state, well-resourced businesses who are neither start-ups nor, currently, high growth but demonstrate significant impact to the local and national economy.

Transform2 will continue the current provision by delivering diagnostics, one-to-one coaching and executive placements to SMEs to support with sound commercial planning for their strategic growth plan.

Transform2 will provide 456 eligible businesses in CIoS with between 12 – 250 hours of bespoke support, embedding sustainable and productivity-led growth.

Investment & Outcomes


  • ERDF – £5,378,260
  • Private match – £1,344,565

Project Outcomes

  • Business Support
  • Private Sector Match
  • New products