12th Feb, 2020

Cornwall Council invests in new business space in Pool

7th Feb, 2020

Transport Secretary approves plans for Chiverton to Carland Cross A30 upgrade.

30th Jan, 2020

European Funding during the transition period

24th Jan, 2020

New wind turbine to supply green energy to 1,100 Cornish homes

14th Jan, 2020

Innovative sustainable practices celebrated at the Growth Programme’s first cross-cutting themes sharing event

13th Jan, 2020

£3.1m grant funding to boost small business productivity in Cornwall

8th Jan, 2020

ERDF grant accelerates pioneering agri-tech sector

8th Jan, 2020

Sustainable Transport in Cornwall – become a member

7th Dec, 2019

Cornwall Local Energy Market achieves widespread industry recognition

5th Nov, 2019

Key Cornish appointments ahead of Krowji’s £2 million studio build

31st Oct, 2019

CIOSIF hits £5M mark

29th Oct, 2019

Register as an organisation getting funding directly from the EU