The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Skills Hub is calling for local business to place the planet at the heart of future business thinking.

Businesses of the future will be defined not just by the way they treat their employees and customers, nor will success solely be measured by financial value. A re-definition of business success will include societal impact and environmental sustainability, placing people and the planet at the heart of future prosperity.

On Wednesday, 29 September the Skills Hub will join forces with Mark Roberts of Conscious Creatives to run through the key considerations for business when it comes to sustainability.

As the only business member of the United Nations Global Compact in Cornwall, Conscious Creatives is at the cutting edge of sustainability and positive environmental change, and making this accessible for everyone.

Conscious Creatives CEO, Mark Roberts said:

“The workforce of the future wants equality, diversity, a better life-work balance, and greater mental health support. They want their employers to care about them and the planet. The Cornish economy is under a lot of pressure from COVID, Brexit, tourism and more. Having a strong sustainability strategy covers all this. It’s not just about environmentalism, it’s about creating a better future for everyone that calls Cornwall home.”

With the UK Government among many nations furthering their green agenda to align with the Paris Agreement, the concept of sustainability will continue to drive the development of the circular economy and the creation of more green jobs.

Skills Hub Project Manager, Bethany Allen, said that a focus on sustainability should be a necessity for Cornish businesses.

“As a county that prides itself on its natural beauty, Cornish businesses need to put sustainability high on their future planning agenda. For those who have taken the plunge they are already seeing a difference to their bottom line, confirming that it’s well worth the investment in making these changes now,” she said.

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The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Skills Hub is part funded by the European Social Fund and is match funded by Cornwall Council and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership.