During the transition period, projects funded through ERDF, ESF or EAFRD will continue to be funded and to deliver their activities in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly until the end of their contracts, as originally planned. 

Now that the Withdrawal Agreement Bill has been passed in Parliament, it is confirmed  that the ERDF, ESF and EAFRD Programmes will continue as originally planned until closure, providing investment for communities and the economic priorities of places across the country.

As well as continuing to take part in these programmes until they close, the arrangements project deliverers are familiar with will continue as normal throughout, whatever the terms under which the Implementation Period ends. Grant recipients should therefore continue to deliver activities and submit claims to departments in line with Grant Funding Agreements.

You must follow the existing processes for:

  • auditing
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • making claims for payment

Applications for funding under the programmes will also be progressed as usual, either for existing bids or applications for new funding.

Further appraisal and contracting of projects from recent calls will be undertaken.

Your ongoing engagement in the Growth programme programmes is key to its success and to the prosperity of the places you are helping to support.