Delivered by ATI² and the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, the Cornwall Innovation Club is a bi-monthly, fully-funded networking event.

About this Event

April’s Cornwall Innovation Club, ‘Rewilding our Business Mindset’, will investigate why working with our surrounding landscape (and the natural resources within it) isn’t such a wild idea.

Covid-19, Brexit and climate change have forced many consumers to reevaluate their shopping habits and pay more attention to the sustainability, locality and the environmental impact of the products and services they consume.

In fact, a global survey by Ipsos MORI found 65% of respondents agreeing that ”it is important that climate change is prioritised in the economic recovery after Coronavirus”. So whilst the pandemic has proven that people can make extreme changes when asked to, discussions have been expedited around the collective changes we can all make towards building a more sustainable economy.

Due to its unique geology and geographic location, Cornwall is now at the epicentre of this conversation and with the G7 Summit visiting us this summer, our natural assets are on display for the world to see – but how can businesses operate more sustainably and begin harnessing what Cornwall has on its doorstep?

Leading this webinar is Dr Ian Selby, Director of Sustainable Geoscience at the University of Plymouth’s Sustainable Earth Institute. Dr Selby, who observes ‘sustainability’ as an ethos, will take a look at the UK Industrial Strategy, with a focus on the on-shore and off-shore assets of the South-West and what lies above and below ground – the ecosystems, landscapes, soils, minerals, waves, winds and tides.

Our second speaker, Peter Ledingham, Managing Director and Geothermal Engineer at GeoScience Limited, will take a look at the geothermal possibilities for businesses in Cornwall, particularly in relation to the decarbonisation of heat, and explains why tapping into this clean, green resource isn’t out of reach for SMEs – especially for those businesses with substantial heating and/or cooling requirements.

Finally, our panel discussion will answer your questions and provide an overarching view of what a sustainable Cornwall could look like, how the blue and green economies could be the next industrial revolution, and the positive impact it could have on our local area, our community and the environment.

Our panel includes:

  • Dr Ian Selby, Sustainable Earth Institute, University of Plymouth
  • Peter Ledingham, Managing Director and Geothermal Engineer, GeoScience Limited
  • Emmie Kell, Non-exec Director of the CIOS LEP & CEO of Cornwall Museums Partnership
  • Kim Conchie, CEO, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

The Cornwall Innovation Club is a complimentary webinar delivered by ATI² and hosted in partnership with Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. ATI², funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is a 3 year, £3.4 million project led by the University of Plymouth, which supports business innovation across Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

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