Boosting Careers with Digital Skills is focused on upskilling members of the workforce who experience in-work poverty.  It is delivering a range of digital skills complemented by basic skills training to enable people to progress their careers and address issues of in-work poverty.  As digital skills are fundamental to most businesses’ productivity and growth this will in turn contribute to the growth of the Cornish economy.

Boosting Careers with Digital Skills works with full-time, part-time and seasonally affected employees and aims to give them skills and qualifications that will help them progress in or move into sustainable, economically viable work.

The project also helps people alleviate in-work poverty by using digital skills to:

  • manage universal credit, manage debts, budget
  • improve online communication with government agencies, GP surgeries, schools, etc
  • benefit financially from online purchasing, e-bay trading, etc
  • reduce social isolation from friends and family by using social media

As well as supporting individuals, the project works with employers to help them understand the business benefits of investing in digital skills. It helps them identify the value of digital skills training undertaken by their lowest paid staff and plan for future investment in skills development.