Cornwall New Energy is a dedicated business assist project that will support the shift towards a low carbon economy in all sectors across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The project aims to develop the local energy market and ensure that enterprises and communities will benefit from more local ownership and operation of energy generation and supply.

The Project will support;

  • over 175 SMEs and social enterprises in the LCEGS (Low Carbon Environmental Goods and Services) and related sectors to generate renewable energy; supply LCEGS to procuring organisations; develop new low carbon products and services; develop existing markets and find new markets;
  • 40 start-up enterprises in the LCEGS and related sectors to develop their business and deliver low carbon solutions to procuring organisations;
  • 20 enterprises to design, develop and introduce new to the firm products.
  • 30 collaborations between SMEs / social enterprises and research institutions
  • SMEs, social enterprise and community groups to bring additional renewable energy generation capacity online.
  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Wider impacts are expected to include job creation; retention and reinvestment of energy-sector profits in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly; and self-sustaining local economic growth.

The project will help bring greater long term confidence to the market around local energy supply, renewable generation and use, development and adoption of new and emerging low carbon technologies – and draw these components into a more integrated, collaborative local energy market in the region.

The project will address the market failure of imperfect information brokering connections and creating mutually beneficial relationships between local producers, suppliers and energy users. It aims to facilitate small scale, local renewable energy generation and supply becoming the norm, not the exception; and for more innovative SMEs to enter and expand in the high growth LCEGS sectors.  It will also provide a major contribution to increasing the proportion of energy generated locally, delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for the region.