The Energy Independent Farming project, delivered by Bennamann Ltd in collaboration with the University of Exeter, aims to deliver commercially viable high value energy products in biogas and liquid biofuel and reduce the level of artificial inputs such as fertiliser required on farm.

The project utilises a ‘micro-scale’ anaerobic digester, in combination with an innovative small-scale biogas processing and liquefaction plant powered by on-farm renewable energy resources (wind & solar).

The ambition for this project is to:

  • Maximises the exploitation of on-site renewable resources in combination with animal waste streams to supply all the energy needs of the farm operations;
  • Delivers commercially viable high value green energy products (biogas and liquid biofuel) to provide an income stream to the farm business;
  • Improves the sustainability of farm land use management through facilitating the minimisation of artificial inputs (e.g. pesticide and artificial fertiliser use), lowering operational costs and reducing on-site pollutants;

Find out more about Bennamann and their work in unlocking net carbon energy from cut grass and manure in their video