The project at Jubilee Pool aims to act as a very high profile demonstrator of how geothermal heat can be used directly to provide renewable heat to buildings and how that can be replicated across Cornwall. The profile of the site also helps raise awareness of the sub-surface and geothermal energy in general in Cornwall.

Cornwall is blessed with a good geothermal heat resource, primarily due to the granite that lies beneath the surface. To date however, this resource has not been used to supply heat to an end user. There is also an aim to provide additional heat from the well to new changing rooms at the site, the café and the broader redevelopment area near the pool.

There is a need in Cornwall to provide renewable heat to many local communities and buildings that are not connected to the gas grid. The aim for this type of geothermal system is that they can be deployed at many sites across the county, such as leisure centres, blocks of flats, greenhouses and villages where the heat demands are suitable. The project should also serve as an example of how the geothermal resource can be used to drive further investment into an area.