This project will invest in signalling improvements to reduce long signal ‘Block sections’ that currently restrict rail service frequency within Cornwall. The project will be delivered by Network Rail (NR) in accordance with the GRIP project assurance framework.

New signalling between Truro and Camborne in both the up and down directions will increase capacity and allow rail operators to accommodate two train services per hour in each direction, delivering a nominal half hour frequency service for Cornwall. The project supports enhancements to both local and intercity services.

The mainline connects directly to seven of the eight largest towns in Cornwall, providing multimodal hubs in each town, connecting walking, cycling, car and bus interchanges. Towns with branch line connections will also be supported. The project will support all of the key populated areas within Cornwall.  Key target beneficiary groups are:

  • Existing mainline rail users, with improved mainline services
  • Users of existing branch lines and bus services connecting to the main line
  • Road users, with a reduction in congestion on the road network
  • Public transport operators (rail and bus), encouraging a modal shift to more sustainable forms of transport. The improvement will increase operational efficiencies and economies of scale
  • Those without private transport and commuters who are constrained by the costs of personal transport
  • Network Rail (NR), as regulatory owner and manager of the rail network, will benefit from increased operational efficiency, and increased track access charges as a result of increased services.

Central Government has given its commitment to the delivery of a two train per hour service, as a requirement in the franchise, subject to delivery of the rail signalling enhancements. The franchised rail operator has accepted this commitment and will be investing in rolling stock to meet the franchise requirements.

The project is wholly contained within the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP area.