The strategic aim of this project is to increase Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) competitiveness and productivity, promote digital inclusion and participation, by providing access to superfast satellite broadband to businesses located in rural and remote areas across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (CIoS) where there is no access to a connection speed of at least 2Mbps (otherwise known as a ‘white area’).

By 2020 the project will provide Superfast satellite broadband access of 40Mbps to 1,000 SMEs across CIoS ‘white areas’.  The project will offer satellite broadband services of 40Mbps download and 6Mbps upload speeds with a range of monthly data caps (such as 50GB, 75GB, 100GB packages).  This will enable small businesses without access to fibre to benefit from superfast access to internet based services. As part of the package, SMEs will be offered subsidised access to 40Mbps+ superfast speeds. In order to further facilitate access to a superfast service, SMEs will receive continued funding support over the life of the project in the form of subsidised tariffs resulting in an affordable price-point for superfast connectivity.

SMEs will also receive free broadband equipment and benefit from a subsidised installation charge. Final pricing to consumers will be defined by service providers based on free market conditions.

This project directly supports the specific objectives of Investment Priority 2a,  extending broadband deployment and the roll out of high-speed networks and  supporting the adoption of emerging technologies and networks for the digital economy by:

– Extending the availability of superfast broadband infrastructure above 30Mbps

– Increasing CIoS competitive advantage across the smart specialisation sectors

– Addressing the competitive disadvantage faced by SMEs across CIoS’s ‘white areas’

– Enabling increased business productivity, growth and job creation

– Increasing the number and % of SMEs which use superfast broadband

Further benefits will include;

– Increasing the number of small and medium-sized enterprises making productive use of digital technologies

– Increasing awareness of the advantages of using ICT and how to exploit them

– Increasing the digital maturity of SMEs in CIoS ‘white areas’