With many businesses now contemplating a return to the workplace, a new set of skills will be required to allow for a smooth transition to whatever the ‘next normal’ looks like for their team.

Hope and optimism can take a backseat when times are hard, and to accelerate a path to recovery, a spirit of innovation and a desire to do business differently will shape the way in which we work following COVID-19.

Like many other businesses across Cornwall who have put things on pause during the lockdown period, Joss Sullivan-Norcliffe from NSN Electrical in Penzance was forced to put his team of engineers on furlough and take stock of where his business was at.

“It’s heart-breaking for local trade. We’re in and out of people’s houses so safety has to be taken into consideration. You can put in measures to help the situation, but you just can’t social distance,” Joss said.

Joss now has his engineers returning to work and the ‘next normal’ has begun. With that in mind his next step was to look at furthering learning and development for his own staff, to be able to better cope with this new way of doing business.

Finding the right training provider or accessing tailored learning and development opportunities is no easy task but, having connected with the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Skills Hub, Joss is now learning a range of new skills from optimising his website through to enhancing the customer experience.

“This has given us an amazing insight into what different people want from their careers. If everyone has their own self-development the company is going to be better as a whole,” he said.

Connecting with the Skills Hub has allowed Joss to uncover the skills his business needs – now and into the future – and introduced him to training to get results.

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Skills Hub is working with business on a free, independent, unbiased basis to identify gaps in skills and training to help businesses find a training course, workshop or recruitment solution that’s just right for them.

For more information about how the Skills Hub can help your business, contact the team on 01209 708 660 or visit ciosskillshub.com to find out more.