Business support and grants available to assist in implementing digital solutions

The ‘Superfast 3 – Inclusive Growth’ project, funded by the EU and Cornwall Council, aims to assist businesses to develop and implement a digital solution to take their business forward. We are assisting Cornish businesses that may have missed out on support from other programmes. Eligible businesses include B&Bs and other tourism businesses, tradespeople, retailers (with an online element), creatives, manufacturers and many others, particularly those that do not currently use digital technologies much. Businesses already more advanced in their use of technologies will be considered if they are based in the less affluent parts of Cornwall.

Support is initially provided through a free and in depth business assessment (typically taking 12hrs) with one of our expert Business Digital Consultants (BDC), and if a beneficial investment is identified then there is a grant you can apply for to support your investment. In some cases where you are clear about your plans and can justify the investment, you can apply for the grant without using the business support. Grants will be £1,000-£6,000, the upper limit will be subject to review.

Digital solutions could be a first website (or additional functionality like e-commerce to your existing website), digital marketing, setting up systems in the ‘cloud’, accountancy solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, advanced phone systems, and many others. Grants will be able to cover set up costs, including expertise to get it working for you, but not any ongoing monthly charges.

The project is now open to applications, so please send us an email to, with a brief description of your business, your location, and an idea for the investment (it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one yet, as our BDCs will work with you to develop a plan).

Some businesses are not eligible, such as farms (unless they have another line of business such as a B&B or machine rental) and retail (unless they are trading or planning to trade online), but we will check for you.

Broadband Grants

If you are a Cornish business that cannot connect to superfast broadband (30Mbps download speed), then we can also help with this with broadband grants available for fibre, wireless, 4G mobile antenna or the new Starlink solutions.

If you are interested in applying for a broadband grant or have any questions, please email

Further information is available here.